Six years ago, I became a Financial Advisor with Manulife Philippines, and my main goal was simply to earn some additional income. I didn’t immediately realize my noble mission when I entered this industry. 

Before becoming a Financial Advisor, I worked as an Admin Assistant, Reservation Associate, Tours Specialist, and a Customer Service Rep. What I love about being a Financial Advisor is that I get to meet people, discuss their goals, and play an important role in building their financial plan. 

When I don’t have client meetings, I relax by listening to jazz music, singing, eating good food, and watching K-Drama. I also love to go out to have coffee with friends, as well as traveling to see the world. 

As a Financial Advisor, I have encountered some challenges, but I’ve kept my faith that God has plans for me. I was already happy and thankful that my work allows me to enjoy great meals and a warm coffee as I conduct Financial Planning Sessions with my clients.

I planted seeds through the years, earning my designation as a Registered Financial Consultant and Registered Estate Planner and graduating cum laude from IARFC, an international organization based in Ohio, USA. I was one of the founding members of BNI Champions and served as part of the core Leadership Team in 2019-2020. 

Despite the challenges, I was dutifully doing my job, but my mission as a Financial Advisor only became clear to me recently.

It was during a challenging time in our life that I realized God’s plan for me in this industry. My father-in-law passed away in 2020. As a daughter-in-law and his Financial Advisor, I helped my husband with the loss of his father while I also processed the insurance proceeds. A small part of the proceeds was used to settle his estate taxes, and a significant amount was left for my mother-in-law and his children. 

After things got settled, my brother-in-law and my husband were talking and in passing, I overheard my brother-in-law say, “Buti na lang nakapaghanda si Daddy.” It was then that I realized why God led me to this noble profession, it is so that I can help people leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones.



Awards and Recognitions

2015 Fast Starter – Manulife Philippines

2016 Prep Club Qualifier – Manulife Philippines

2019 Registered Financial Consultant / Registered Estate Planner, cum laude – International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC)

2020 among the Top 100 Insurance Advisers in Metro Manila 3 – Manulife Philippines