Financial Planner with a heart, that is what sets Vivienne Luna apart. We were looking to start our 18-year old son with an investment fund that he can commit to. It was a great thing that he and I attended a financial planning talk that Vivienne conducted. It wasn’t like any others that I have attended. Viv was able to break it down into simple concepts without watering down the importance and to a point urgency of starting your savings now. I was also surprised that after attending the talk, my son had quoted to me some of the things that he learned from the talk by Viv. Viv patiently explained the various instruments as options given the financial goals that my son had. She painstakingly went through various scenarios with us. All the while, she reminded us to keep the balance of desiring good return and keeping in mind being able to sustain the commitment of setting aside funds regularly. The whole process of choosing the right plan plus signing up and settling the payment for the Manulife investment was painless. She took us through the whole thing. As a result, I have more peace of mind now that my son is able to appreciate the importance of saving. Still a long way to go, but he is at least one step closer to the end goal of financial freedom. Thank you, Viv, for your service. Looking forward to referring more clients to you, as I know they will be in great hands.

J, Single Mom