It was an almost perfect morning.

Despite the work from home set-up, I still looked forward to the weekend. I didn’t have to wake up early, I can take my time drinking my coffee instead of hurriedly gulping it down so I can prepare for an early meeting or quickly finish an early deadline.

I smiled as the aroma of Capistrano’s coffee filled the air. The kids were happily playing doctor in the living room. The missus sat in front of me with her own cup in hand. She likes her coffee a bit darker, so she left the coffee bag in her cup. I’ve already removed mine, placing it neatly on a saucer nearby.

This was something I look forward to every weekend, our early morning conversations have become our small bonding moment every weekend morning. The fragrant smell of warm brewed coffee drifted in the room while the children’s laughter and voices could be heard in the background.

I smiled, savoring the peace as I took another sip of coffee.

It was then that my eldest stood up and headed towards us with her younger sister following close behind. “Papa! Mama!”

“Yes, Ate?” I said as I gave her a smile.

“Papa, when I grow up, I want to be a doctor! I‘ll cure everyone who’s sick!” She smiled proudly.

Sumingit pa si bunso, “Me too, Papa! I’ll be a doctor like Ate!”

My wife paused, placed her coffee down and smiled, “Wow! Kaya mag-aral kayo mabuti para maging doctor kayo paglaki.”

They smiled, gave each of us a hug and a kiss before going back to playing doctor and patient in the living room. This time, Ate had the stethoscope in her hand pretending to listen to a heartbeat as bunso looked  up at her with a huge smile her on face.

“So, paano na?” my wife asked as she looked at the two kids happily playing on their own.

I shrugged, “Ewan ko.” I looked at my beautiful kids as I took another sip of coffee. “Do you think they were serious?”

She smiled, “Di ko alam, but what would you do if they are?” she paused, “Kaya ba natin?”

“Let’s plan. Let’s budget.” I looked at her, unable to stop myself from smiling.

She raised an eyebrow and smiled, “What?”

“Life. One second nagkakape ka lang, next thing you know, gusto na mag-doctor ng anak ko!”

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