So we’ve spoken to our Financial Consultant. Viv created a realistic and personalized Financial Plan for us. She helped us with our cash flow, with budgeting, and now, I can really see us reaching our goals, and ever since the beginning, one of our main goals was their college tuition fee. Di pa rin naman nabago. 

Our Financial Consultant was patient, consistent, and reliable. She answered all our questions and resolved all our concerns. 

My wife and I smiled at each other as we gave our first payment towards her med school tuition funds. We know that our money is in safe hands, they will help us make it grow, so that we’ll be able to use it when the time comes.

And with everything laid out in front of us, we took our first step into Financial Freedom. 

It has been a few months and masaya ako, masaya kami ng asawa ko sa decision namin. Nakakatakot siya sa una kasi di mo alam if kaya mo talaga gawin. Pero tuwing nahihirapan sa pagsunod sa budget at minsan naiisip mo na wag na lang, na bahala na lang, iniisip ko mga anak ko. 

I imagine them in their white doctor’s coats proudly smiling at us. Ang ganda ng pangarap nila, and gusto ko maabot nila yun.

Di pwedeng bahala na lang ang pangarap nila. As parents, responsibilidad natin na matulungan sila abutin yun. Kung kaya naman, mas maganda kung maibigay natin sa kanila yun, di ba?

Eventually, yung fear na baka di mo kaya, napapalitan ng surprise na, “kaya ko pala!” Ang sarap sa pakiramdam. Tayo rin lang pala ang pumipigil sa sarili natin. Guidance lang pala need natin so that we’ll handle our finances better and smarter.

With our kids as our inspiration, my partner’s support, and with the help of our dependable Financial Consultant, Viv, I know we will get there. 

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