So I’ve talked about budgeting and saving. How we’re making a financial plan for our daughters and their education. Time to introduce our third child, our business. Parang anak, kailangan mo rin bigyan ng pansin at atensyon ang business para lumago ito. At syempre, para ma-appreciate ng mga bata na ang ginagawa namin para sa negosyo ay para rin sa kanila, tinuturan na rin namin sila about the business even in their young ages. 

The business started as a small sideline. We wanted extra income so that we’d have better cash flow. Even then, we were lucky that we knew that we should not rely on a single income. 

It is a great way not only for them not only to know the product, but also to know our customers. They see the hard work we put in so they can appreciate how the business works. It is also a way for us to teach them how hard it is to earn money, so that they’ll also know how to handle it properly. 

Teaching them the value of hard work so that hopefully they also learn how to handle their money. We’re hitting two birds with one stone. 

Nakakataba ng puso pag nakita mo silang tumutulong. They learned how to make coffee so when they see us crunching numbers and doing the paperworks for the business, they make us Capistrano’s coffee just the way we like it. They learned the kinds of food that goes well with Capistrano’s vinegar so that they can offer it to their friends and their friends’ parents. 

Every weekend, we set aside time so the whole family could work together on the business, but of course, we try to ensure that it will be a safe and child appropriate activity for them. We gave them an allowance for the help they do. 

And since they know that we have to work to earn the money that we have, we are hoping that it will help them be more money savvy. Sabi nga ng matatanda, ang pera na mabilis makuha, mabilis din mawawala. 

We were already adults before we learned how to properly manage our money, how to set a goal and that saving and investing is something that we should be doing. We’re hoping that our kids will be able to handle their finances better. And that eventually, Viv will also help them with their financial goals when it’s time to do the same for their own families.

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